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Sex story bookstore who loves Adult

Forgot your password? There was one larger booth with a seat for two, four private booths and two cabines of two booths connecting, divided by a wooden wall with a gloryhole.

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They say you never forget your first time. Although it's been nearly 20 years, I can still remember it well. It was January of 99 and I had just turned My parents went out of town to celebrate their anniversary for the weekend, and that meant one thing for me. Busting as many nuts as I could.

Name: Caitlin
Years: I am just out of my twenties
What is my ethnicity: Cameroonian
My favourite drink: Red wine
I like to listen: Heavy metal
My hobbies: My hobbies driving a car

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Forum Rules. Member. Remember Me? 1 to 30 of Thread: Adult Bookstore stories. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Oct 29,AM 1. Partially because of being spotted. So one day I stopped at this out of the way place to check it out. When I finally worked up the nerve to find a booth, one wall had a two way glass, the other a gloryhole. While stroking to a video, the privacy screen popped up, and there was a guy watching me with his cock out. Seeing that made me even harder! As I brushed my hand across the glass in front of his very large cock, a second cock appeared through the gloryhole.

Not thick, but long. I began stroking and sucking the head of it, when a guy entered my booth. Without hesitation, he took his cock out and pushed into my mouth. While sucking him and stroking the gloryhole dude, the guy with the beautiful large thick cock entered as well.

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He moved me into position to suck guy 3 while he sat on the booth bench, he slide my pants down, lubed my hole with his tounge, and slide in me as if we were a matched pair. The moan alone must have been pretty hot, because gloryhole guy shot his load all over the place. My mouth tightened up around the other guy, and he arched his back, and gushed in my mouth.

Adult bookstore surprise

As I took his load, I could see three other guys at the door, cocks out, drooling. My new friend in my ass then plunged deep and filled my hole with his juice. He must have hit my prostate, because I was leakinging precum all over the floor. Must have looked inviting, because one of the guys at the door, climbed under me, and drew my cum out in a matter of a minute.

I left feeling pretty satisfied to say the least. But not quick to bareback so impulsively next time. However, guys is quite a bit of fun. What has any of your experiences been? Reply With Quote. Oct 29,PM 2. That got me super hard! That is probably my one fantasy! I'm too chicken to go to any, in fact I do t even know where any are around my neck of the woods.

Anyhow thanks for the spank material .

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Oct 29,PM 3. Re: Adult Bookstore stories Adult bookstore stories are my favorite. For me the turn on is the taboo.

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The last time I went to one I told my self I was just going in and hope to see a few guys stroking. I luv looking at dicks especially real dicks. I walked into a big open room with 2 couches and a big screeen tv showing 2 guys sucking. There was a man maybe in his 70's stroking one of the most beautiful cocks I ever saw.

I sit next to him drooling, watching. He took my hand and put it around his Hot cock. He kept asking me to just kiss the head. Finialy I gave in. I told my self Id spit it out. It only took a few minutes before his hands were on the back of my head telling me he was going to feed me. By the time I was done I had swallowed 3 lo of cum and my 1st load of more warm juice. I felt like such a nasty whore and for months I was terrified I had got some terrible std.

Lucky for me I didnt and I never went back because I know I can't say no.

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One time I wish I could do that again until I get my fill which would be at least 5o hot thick lo in both holes. Oct 29,PM 4. Many years ago in West PalmBeach I visited such a place.

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I sat near a lovely couple who were watching a great XXX film. I stood behind them and watched her tits heaving with excitement over the film. I decided to ask if I could touch them.

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They both said by all means. I walked into their row and kneeled on the floor infront of them. I reached up and felt her boobs. She was really hot and it was noticable BUT so was he. He took his cock out and I admired it before kissing the head and tongue tickling it. She asked if I'd put a finger in her pussy. It was hot and moist. But his cock was on fire.

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I sucked him dry and took most of his cum deep into my mouth and swallowed but I left a bit to cum kiss her. She loved it and then I went down on her pussy and when she came I cum kissed him.

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What a hot night! Last edited by 69luvr; Oct 29, at PM. Oct 29,PM 5. Re: Adult Bookstore stories Hey, 69luvr, I'm in Orlando and can't find a abs that has a theater or glory holes. Does Daytona have any? Oct 30,AM 6. Re: Adult Bookstore stories I have visited a local ABS on a few occasions and like someone has said I always was afraid to go onto one because I was afraid that I would've seen somebody that I knew in there but as somebody pointed out to me if there was anybody in there that I knew they were probably in the same boat.

As I can't host and it's hard to find guys that are close that host it seemed like the only option if I wanted to suck some cock. So I have visited a few times and I must say I wasn't disappointed. Oct 30,AM 7.

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Re: Adult Bookstore stories. Originally Posted by kinkylittledick. Adult bookstore stories are my favorite. Oct 30,AM 8.

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I am a slow typer so I'll share a few when I have more time. One involved me and 3 strangers in a booth, me taking the biggest cock I'd ever had bareback with a crowd watching. Oct 30,PM 9.

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Re: Adult Bookstore stories You are most certainly welcome my friend. You are welcome next time to show how hard you actually are. Oct 30,PM Re: Adult Bookstore stories More on the crowd story. All this happened over 30 years ago. When I was in my early 20's. The old saying young, dumb and full of cum, that was me.

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I wasn't getting sex at home and Had at that time never heard of Aids and to top it off I really believed that it was safe for a guy to cum in my ass. Never heard at the time of a man getting an std anally. I would tell the wife I was going to Raleigh with a few male coworkers for a night of bar hopping and drinking, not my present wife who is the love of my life and my best friend.