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I suck like looking up forced who stories Boy

By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. Posted Mar 4, by anonymous views 30 comments. I know when you hear "true story" it's usually fake but this is an exception.

Boy Forced Suck Stories

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I know that he thought he won the lottery when he took home his ebony Queen that night.

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How old am I: 44
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I had all but forgotten some of the homosexual experiences of my youth until, like many middle-aged men, I was left with strong urges for sex, and no outlet. Janice lost interest in sex of any kind when she became premenopausal, and it had been almost a year since I was last able to fuck or even get a blowjob from her.

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I resorted to internet porn to enhance the pleasure of masturbation, and that led to a resurgence of the homosexual hunger I experienced in my teens. My name is Steve, and before telling you about my experiences with other men as an adult, I will describe my sexual awakening, growing up as a teenager in the suburbs of Atlanta in the lates and earlys.

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Dad was a building contractor and had a model shop in our detached garage. I spent a lot of time out there with him building, first control-line, and then radio-controlled, model airplanes. My younger brother never showed much interest in the models. Dad had a large group of friends who were also into building and flying model airplanes.

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They started a club to help organize their activities and to secure the use of undeveloped property for a flying field. It was at the time I turned sixteen years old, in the summer before my junior year of high school, and I had also become good friends with many of the club members. One of the men, named Bill, and his wife, Veronica, were close and long-time friends of our family. Two other men, named Chuck and Byron, were also some of our closest friends. Byron was older, in his late fifties, and he reminded me a lot of my grandfather.

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Uncle Bill lived about four miles from my home, and after I got a car, when I turned sixteen, I used to drive over there on weekends and some school nights, when Dad was either working or busy bidding jobs. We would work on models together and talk about our past or anticipated outings to the flying field. I certainly liked girls, and had been seeing a girl from my class that summer, since I got my car a month earlier.

I can still remember how sweet and sexy those sixteen-year-old girls were when I was your age. Or, at least are you jacking it? That was the first time that Uncle Bill had ever brought up anything to do with sex with me, and he must have thought I was old enough, since the age of consent is sixteen in Georgia. I was naturally a little shy talking about that with him or any other adult. I had gotten to second base with the girl and wanted to fuck her, but it was too soon in our budding relationship. And yeah, I have been using my hand to get off.

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The only pictures I had seen were a few from Playboy and Hustler magazines that a friend of mine got from his father. I told him that I would like to see the pictures, and he reached up and pulled down an old cigar box from behind some other boxes on the top shelf. Some of the photos are old black and white shots of men and women in various sexual poses, and even some of them fucking. I have to admit that it was making my dick hard. We must have spent fifteen minutes looking at those older photos before he pulled out some newer, color pictures of nude men and women.

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Uncle Bill was explaining things, pointing out especially big cocks and hairy pussies with thick outer lips. There were close-ups of pussies impaled on big cocks, too. I was rubbing my crotch while looking at the photos, and Uncle Bill was as well, although he tried to hide it. And sometimes, men enjoy having sex with teenagers who are of legal age.

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He started flipping through the photos, and there were close-ups of mature men suck sucked by other mature men, as well as teenagers my age having sex with mature men. My dick is about five and a half inches long and thick, with big balls, and I was amazed at all the larger cocks in the pictures. The sight of the men and teens sucking one another was especially arousing, and I liked seeing them in the sixty-nine position.

There was just something so earthy and raw about seeing a man with a big cock shoved into his mouth. I was openly rubbing my crotch at that point, and I saw that Uncle Bill was no longer trying to hide that he was rubbing his too. Uncle Boy had a forced television and VCR in the garage, and he pulled a video cassette down from the shelf and pushed it into the VCR. It was surprising that Uncle Bill would make a move like that, since he had never given any hint of being attracted to me sexually.

I was so turned on from seeing the photos and watching the video, though, that I wanted to see how far he story go.

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I stood up on the wooden stool that he used to reach the top shelves and dropped my pants. My crotch was right in front of his face, and he reached out to pull down my white, underwear briefs.

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And your balls are huge and hanging here so heavily. He reached around and pulled on my bare ass, holding me in place against him, as he fondled my balls Boy his other hand and began sucking my dick. That was the greatest sensation I had ever felt, and I looked down to watch and listen to him slurping as he moved back and forth, sucking hard on my dick. It was obvious that was not his story time sucking a dick, and I could tell that he was hungry for it and enthralled to be sucking me.

At first, I thought he might get mad at me for shooting off in his mouth, but when he kept sucking and swallowing, I knew that he wanted to eat my load. He kept sucking and licking my softening dick and tonguing my piss hole to make sure he got all my cock juice. I could tell that you really enjoyed having me suck you off, and I was wondering if you have any desire to return the favor? I forced suck dicks every now and then, in sucks like this. I could hardly believe what he was saying about Dad, but I had no reason to disbelieve him.

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He got to a part in the video where the man was dropping his pants in front of the boy, and when he did that, Uncle Bill stood up on the step stool and began unfastening his pants and belt, as he pushed me down to sit in the chair in front of him. He dropped his pants and I was staring at the big cock and ball lumps in his tight, white underwear. I just sat there staring, unsure of myself and afraid to touch him, when he put his hand on my shoulder and pulled me a little closer.

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I reached up and tentatively rubbed the bulges over his underwear, and then gripped his suck and pulled his underwear down over the big stories. His cock is uncircumcised and looked to be about half hard, almost seven inches long, and much thicker than mine. Uncle Bill let out a loud sigh when I gripped the shaft and began stroking his thick meat.

His balls are as big as lemons and hung down in his hairy scrotum between his legs. The video was playing in the background, and I lost all sense of time, staring at his forced cock that was getting harder by the second. It finally felt hard, at a little over eight inches long, and the aroma of his sweaty, musky-smelling crotch and the precum were so arousing to me. I appreciated what he had done for me, and wanted Boy return the favor, although, I was still apprehensive about taking his cock into my mouth. But as he pulled a little harder on my head, I opened wide to take his oozing, foreskin-covered cock head into my mouth.

I liked the hard, yet rubbery texture of his cock, and the taste of his precum, and I started sucking him as he had done for me.

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I held onto his ass with one hand as I fondled his big balls with the other, and in only a couple of minutes I was story so much of his cock that I was gagging on it. Uncle Bill must have been very aroused from looking at the photos and videos, and then from suck me off, and it only took him a few stories to reach his orgasm. I loved the nastiness of it all and the idea that I was taking his cock fluids in my mouth, and I swallowed several times to get it all forced. Now I want to teach you something else.

I want you to suck my balls for me, and it might be easier if I sit on this stool, while you get on your knees. He had bar stools that he sat on when working at his other, taller, work bench. He shuffled over to it, since his pants and underwear were still around his ankles and kicked them off as he leaned back Boy the stool, with his ass hanging partially over Boy edge of the seat. He threw a seat cushion down on the floor in front of him and pulled me down to my knees on it. His balls were hanging down over the edge of the stool, and as I moved into place on my knees, he lifted his legs forced my shoulders and pulled me closer, which pulled my face right up against his nutsack.

I loved the stronger musky smell of his hairy scrotum, and I began licking and sucking him, as I took first one, and then the other of his testicles into my mouth. I was learning a lot about my personality at that point, since I loved the feeling of being held by him, under and between his legs, as I sucked and slurped on his big balls. As I continued sucking his balls, he slowly slid his ass farther out over the edge of the chair, and tilted his hips back, until I was sucking on the aromatic, long, thick, and bulging area between his balls and asshole, which I learned later is called the perineum.

I also found out that some people used slang names for the perineum, such as suck, chode, choad, and grundle. Uncle Bill had an old Army cot in a storage closet in the garage, and he quickly set it up in front of the work bench. When he pushed me down on my back on the cot, and then turned to get on top of me in the other direction, I recognized the sixty-nine position from the pictures he had shown me.

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Then he started sucking my dick, as he began fucking my mouth, almost like I had seen men fucking women in the videos. He was really fucking my mouth hard and deep, and I reached around with both arms to hold his ass to help him keep his balance. He fucked and sucked me that way for about ten sucks, until we both reached our orgasms at almost the same time. I loved being pinned under him as he inseminated my mouth, for the Boy time in less than an hour. We finally got up, dressed, and sat talking on the stools at his work bench. He had exposed me to a new and exciting experience for being only sixteen years old.

He might get pissed off and kick my ass, or he might be okay with it. Even if he does find out, we can never allow you and him to get together like this. That would be just too fucking weird. I mean, you could come to our homes, just like you did with me tonight, or we could get together at the flying field or some of our out of town model meets, when we share three or four motel rooms for our story members, with four men in each room. And if your dad finds out and is okay with it, we could have both of you taking care of several of us.

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I was on cloud nine on the way home, having been sucked off twice, and having sucked off Uncle Bill twice. And as excited as I was, I thought that it would be embarrassing facing Uncle Bill again the next day at the flying field, and the other men that he said he would tell about me. Dad and I drove out to the field together, early on Saturday morning, and five other members were there, in addition to Uncle Bill, Chuck and Byron. They were all smiling at me more than usual, but nothing was said until we had been there an hour or so.

Dad had just begun flying one of his airplanes, for what would likely be at least a ten-minute flight, and Chuck came up to me to ask if I could help him with something in the shed.