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Erotica snuff picking male especially for celebrity

In here you'll find your worst nightmares, tales of violence and depravity created by sick minds for the perverse pleasure of us all. You'll read about the painful demise of young girls, tortured to death for the pleasure of the onlookers, and you'll learn how to butcher and cook beautiful women under the terrified eyes of their own daughters.

Celebrity Snuff Stories

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Name: Tonie
Age: I am 58
Where am I from: Cameroonian
Available to: Male
What is my gender: Girl
I prefer to listen: Classical
What is my hobbies: Roller-skating

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Advanced search. Simple 1-step registration process. Post a reply. Kick and stomp on her body until she is puking up blood then rape rp her cunt while her organs fail and she begs for medical help only for me to punch her square in the face every time. Once I was done using her I would watch her sob and slowly die. Trade and chat?

Them use her tennis racket to hit her while she has to suck their cocks, after that one of them use the racket to extrangulate her while another introduce his cock into her mouth. Next them rape rp her pussy and ass really hard making her bleed. Finally one of them broke the racket and use it to stab her throat. Them conserve her body like fuck toy. Lock her in the basement and then torture her.

I'd fuck her ass and pussy until she bleeds and gets pregnant. When she's 5 months pregnant I'd stick a knife in her belly and cut her open and take her uterus out. Afterwards I behead her and keep her head as a fucking toy.

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I leave her body in the desert until the insects eat her whole body. I want to cut her open from above her cunt right up in between her tits. Let the little Latina whore see her guts spilling out of her stomach. She would scream, and cry. This is what happens to teasing little whores. The dumb cumbag would try to hold her guts in her stomach with her hands crying and screaming, hoping she lives. I would enjoy watching her slowly bleed out and die.

Celebrity snuff stories

After that I would hollow out her stomach and feed her organs to a pack of dogs. Take a saw and cut off her pretty head, enjoying the dead stare she gives me as I saw away at her neck, blood squirting in all directions. Then I would take her severed head and place it in her hollowed out stomach. I would take a hammer and nail her head in place inside of her open body. Then I would lay her corpse down and fuck her pussy, each time I thrust inside the dead whore it would go into her severed throat hole as well. Watching my cock go into her pussy and come out of her mouth would be euphoric.

Once I was done with the worthless sack of shit, I would cook her body and eat it along side my dogs.

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Take a hammer and hit her in the back until her spine breaks in multiple places. Hearing the crunches and cracks would get me off so much, not to mention her screams of agony. Once she couldn't move I would continue raping rp her asshole while she wails in pain from the shuffling her body does with every thrust. Every thrust into her ass causing her broken bones to rub against each other. The sharp edges of the broken bone would cut the inside of her back. The plastic whore wouldn't be able to think straight. All my little rape-toy could do is scream, not even able to beg, only able to express her excruciating pain through wails.

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Before I came into the whore I would flip the hammer around and hit her with the claw. Breaking her skull and plunging it deep into her squishy brain.

Celebrity snuff fiction

I would leave the hammer lodged in her skull and continue raping rp the whore while her body spasms wildly. She would piss and shit herself as she died; drooling and yelping like a retard. After she was dead I would blow my load deep into her ass. Then keep her body in my closet to use like the plastic sex doll it is, until it rots.

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Use my weight to hold her down and plunge my dick into her lilly white cunt. Flooding her womb with rapist seed. I want to tie a noose around her neck and hang her.

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While she was choking to death I would stick multiple knives into her stomach like a human pin cushion, watching her struggle to scream from the pain. Her eyes rolling back, her face turning red and veins popping out of her forehead as blood is cut off from the neck up. I would jerk off the whole time, watching her until her last moments, her legs twitching as she dies, blood pouring down to her feet and dripping off of her toes.

I would cum so hard all over the dumb whores carcass. Listen to her scream as blood flies everywhere, holding those fat udders down and drilling multiple holes. Would stretch those little holes out with my cock, fucking the inside of her tits until I blow. I would keep drilling holes in her body until I was hard again. In her hands, thighs, and arms.

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Listening to the little depressing slut cry in pain would get me rock hard quick. I would hold her down and fuck her asshole and as I blow my load I would drill a hole in the back of her head slowly so I can hear her beg for her life. Drilling through her skull then blending her brain matter. Fill the sluts dead asshole with cum, then cut her body into little pieces and put the sluts flesh into a garbage bag, throwing her into a dumpster like the literal trash she is.

Shredding her stomach apart while she screams, my cock getting hard and ready to use her.

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Halfway through I would reach inside of her open stomach and tear up her insides with my hands. Once she was dead I would continue cutting her in half until she was in two parts. Id lay her bottom half down and prone fuck her asshole until I cum. Moving onto her upper half I would stick my hard cock into her warm guts, fucking them hard. Listening to her insides slosh around as my cock glides against them. I would reach up and start tearing her pretty face apart with my bare hands while fucking her squishy intestines.

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Taking her eyes out and ripping holes into her cheeks. Reaching my hand into he mouth and breaking her jaw.

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Shoving my arm story her throat. Once I felt my cock ready to burst I would cum snuff inside her organs. Might need a gang to spit roast turns on her just to show the whore with three slits her purpose. Seed her and make sure she knows she won't be leaving but if she were it would be with a random man's seed in her womb.

As she starts to die, I fill her pussy with my cum as I cut her celebrity. I will keep her body to use as my fleshlight afterwards. Tie her to her chair and gag her with her own underwear. Show off her nude body to all the simps watching along Just think of all the donations she'd get. Plunge my cock down her throat to make her cry, then cover her entire face and body with my cum. Then randomly start breaking fingers and toes, then arms and legs. Untie her and throw her mangled body to the floor.

Laugh and jerk off above her as she tries to crawl away. Finally take her in a choke hold and start fucking her ass, making sure not to knock her out. As I cum in her ass, I then roughly twist and snap her neck. Fuck her in the ass one more time as she convulses and sputters. When she finally goes limp, twist up her body a little more snap her spine etc.

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