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Swede mansion hunting for D&d especially for magic

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D&d Magic Mansion

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You conjure up an extradimensional dwelling that has a single entrance on the plane from which the spell was cast. The entry point looks like a faint shimmering in the air that is 4 feet wide and 8 feet high. Only those you deate may enter the mansion, and the portal is shut and made invisible behind you when you enter. You may open it again from your own side at will.

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All thre Latest thre Hot thre New posts. Search forums. Log in. Install the app. Level up your 5E game! The standalone advanced 5E tabletop RPG which adds depth and diversity to the game you love! You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. How to get into a Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion. Thread starter Laslo Tremaine Start date Mar 21, Laslo Tremaine First Post. The majority of our PCs just made it to 13th level, which means that the two Wizards can now cast Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion.

How difficult is it for someone to mansion one by force. Does it just take a Scry and a Planeshift or does it need a Gate? Edited for a typo Last edited: Mar 21, No one has any answers? Intrope First Post.

To be magic, I don't think there is a way to brute-force into Mord's mansion. Plane shift is ruled out two different D&d 1 the mansion is too small; you can't appear miles off target and still be in the mansion I haven't any idea where you would end up instead.

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Best not to find out, I think 2 You need a tuning fork that's specific to the destination plane. Astral Spell: The mansion doesn't appear to connect to the astral plane unless it was cast there, of course.

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I'd say that it doesn't, eliminating this I'd probably also block attempts to Astral Project out of the mansion for consistency. Gate: this would seem to be capable of connecting to any plane, and so it could work. However, I can see 3 problems: 1 the spell does say that it connects to the plane that you name. Quick, what's the name of the plane of this particular Mord's mansion?

Mord's mansion created by Intrope on January 14th around PM in the library with the candlestick? I'd be inclined to count the Wizard as the 'planar ruler'. Intrope, I choose you! Just to head this ugly line of thought off, I'd rule gate right out.

Ghost Form or Gaseous Form: the portal to the mansion is a dimensional portal, not a door. When it's closed, it just isn't there so I'd say these spells wouldn't work either. Of course, this doesn't mean that there isn't any way in; subtlety would work though. Disguises might work. Dopplegangers might be effective.

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Any shapeshifter might be able to pull it off. If all else fails, lying, hostage-taking, bribery, etc. Going on a limb here: how about a targeted dispel? Wouldn't the people inside pop back into the Prime? I'm not sure that would work, actually. The targeted dispel has to be targeted at the effect of the spell, which is a different plane.

I'd probably allow it, although it seems too easy to me. If the portal is closed, you do need see invisible or else you'd have no idea where to target the spell. You could also interpret the targeted dispel as temporarily negating the extraplanar interface like bags of holding ; on the other hand, the paragraph that mentions this is talking about items so it isn't clear that it applies here.

The spell really ought to have mentioned what happens if dispelled are they ejected? Piratecat Writing Fantasy Gumshoe! I allow a targeted dispel to work, as well as a gate after a scry. Hypersmurf Moderatarrrrh The pit trap isn't just a pit trap, y'see, it's a really big Portable Hole. Firstly, this means that the BBEG can move his traps around easily And nearly every one carries a Haversack.

Psi SeveredHead Adventurer. I think Plane Shift would work - in a small dimension, you just randomly appear within it. Of course, you need to Scry Fenes 2 First Post. Solves most problems I had with the spell.

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Rope trick is banned. Probably need a higher level one to get through this one, just for the higher skill in Open Locks. Darklone Registered User. Couldn't we simply wish ourselves into the mansion? Carefully worded though against any arbitrary misinterpretation by the DM. Darklone said:. Click to expand You haven't actually mastered some games in Germany, have you?

MerakSpielman First Post. Celebrim Legend. I basically agree with Intrope. The intent of the spell seems to be basically perfect sanctuary.

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I think a targeted dispel on the 'door' would cause the contents to pop back out. I more hesitant to concur over Gate's ability to provide access, but one thing is for sure - you have to be able to name the destination plane at the time of casting and naming the destination plane is no small feat considering it is a temporary small plane of existance.

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I would consider it something like knowing the 'true name' an obselete concept but nonetheless useful in this context of the caster, and would require I suppose scrying, other divination, and maybe a Knowledge Arcane check. A DM could with just as much reason declare the plane 'nameless' and thus unreachable through gate.

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A wish could open the gate if you were at the destination, or transport you to the gate if you knew its location, or transport you to the mansion if you knew the name of the plane, or provide you with the name of the plane. Multiple wishes could be used to provide some combination of the above provided you just knew that some wizard existed and was using MMM.

It sounds like the Gatecrasher PrC could do the trick, and I believe Erevan Ellesare's the elven deity sword allows gate crashing implicitly at least it did in 1st edition. Last edited: Mar 26, Thanks much everyone.

This has definitely given me a lot to think about.