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Stories being enjoy boy to molests

The reason is because it happened to me. One evening, when I was six, he offered to babysit me and my older sister at his house. He could do these pitch-perfect character voices, and in that way, he was charismatic and appealing to children.

Enjoyed Being Molested Stories

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Adam had always enjoyed spending time with his uncle, and would often look forward to sleepovers when they could have extended time together.

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I was also molested and i liked it.

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If this happen to you don't think u should feel ashamed though because you were young, you had no clue it was a bad thing and it felt good, so as a kid it only made sense to want more cus it was "fun" but as an adult to understand that we were molested and that it is not normal in anyway for that to happen u need to realize u were a victim of this! He didn't rape me but did every thing else it just felt good!

I was molested as and i liked it, am i crazy?

I was 13 and getting my self times a day too! Not all guys are bad I did it. I would go to the neighbor's house. I would wait for him to come outside and sit on the porch.

Enjoyed being molested

Then I would go over. I knew what would happen. I was raised without a father or a father figure most my childhood. When I was 12 years old my mother's boyfriend and I were having homosexual sex. I really really liked him and looked up to him, he took interest in me and showed me a lot of attention. He took me places and bought me stuff. So when approached me sexually I was willing and eager to do whatever he wanted.

I enjoyed having sex with him, I never felt sexually abused or molested at anytime. I looked forward to the time we spent together and couldn't wait to suck his fat cock and get fucked up the ass. My Mom i can remember saw me hard in tub once and stroked me saying it was normal. She was having issues with dad at time and I remember she sat on chair naked and pulled me into her that way. I felt nothing but she held me tight to her and hump me breathing hard. I can remember it all still right up to her cumming and moaning.

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We never talked about it after. Mystep use to molest me It was normal and he never hurt me he would just stroke me. I didnt like it but i use to suck him off.

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No i never will or did tell anyone. I was molested also. He never hurt me and i would get excited and yes he gave me my first orgasm. It was our secret.

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But he would have me jack him off and have me set in him and hump him rubbing up and down. Sorry sick too much detail but yes i liked it and never told anyone and never will. I almost feel like I was the molester.

Me and the oldest brother, my friend, were the same age, twelve, and the youngest was ten taking off our pants was his idea. So chronologically, there wasn't that much time between us, but I'd hit puberty and had the package I have now, while their cocks were about the size of my index finger. I loved sucking them off, that was fun, but in hindsight it probably wasn't healthy for any of us.

My uncle abused my sister and we both got hurt

No, it was completely healthy and normal, an essential part of growing up. Technically, I was the molester because I was thirteen and my playmate was eleven, even though he initiated it. Omg, I rub my self to an O times a day even in school bathroom. Omg it was me doing my do it.

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Nonconsent/reluctance stories

I was 16 my sister was She crawled My wife is 39 and about halfway through I love sissys, or trannys, or I have a hardcore fetish for watching I have been married to my wife I stopped by a local bar late at night Im a 22 yrold female, i just took a I came to confess that my son and i After hearing stories all over I fell I make my bf wear diapers sometimes all I was molested as and I liked it, am I crazy? By Anonymous 1. So I was molested as a kid by my uncle. I hated it before and after, but in the The father molested for about 2 years.

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Molested stories

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