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Wonderful anal Time boy gay story

Sticky Situation First time, amateur, anal sex, daddy This is a fictional story on how I met an old friend by accident and how over the period of two weekends my life was changed forever My mate Army didn"t take it too well when he found his girlfriend messing around with another guy

First Time Gay Anal Sex Stories

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I had been playing with the idea of taking a stiff cock into my ass for several months now, and I was reaching the point that a thick dildo just wasn't cutting it anymore. My well lubed bunghole was an inch from the head of my 9. Pleasure would ripple through me causing my nipples to become hard. I would ride it's length with abandon, drops of perspiration ran down the small of my back as I fucked it to a state of breathlessness.

Name: Charity
What is my age: 49
Sexual orientation: I'm hetero
My hair: Black
What is my figure type: My body type is quite strong

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The first time I had sex, was with the brother of my best friend. That whole thing started on a Saturday afternoon, when I went to visit my friend. I didn't know it at the time, but he, his younger brother and his parents had left early in the morning to go to the beach.

‘first time gay anal’ stories

The only one at home was Tom, his older bother. Tom was eighteen years old, tall with a muscular body, and a charming personality. Tom asked me in, and offer me a soda. We went to the living room, and we talk for a while. He then start talking about sports, and he asked me if I waned to see his collection of baseball cards. I said "sure I love to see it" and he asked me to his room. He showed me his collection of baseball cards, and after that he change the subject, and he asked me if I had a girlfriend. I said "no" he then said "oh, I see, you must be one of those guys that like to fuck different girls".

He kept his eyes on me and somehow, I started to get excited. For the first time in my life I thought, what it would be like to have sex with another man. Tom kept glancing back at me, like if he knew every thought going though my mind. I knew it was just me and him in the house alone. We were both seating on his bed, he stared down at my crotch. My cock began to swell underneath my jeans.

I looked at Tom and asked "do you know how long would your parents be away? He then asked me to stand up in front of him. I was shaking, but I did as I was told. Tom reach for my trousers, peeled off my jeans and pulled my cock out of my tight briefs. I had never felt such a hard-on in my life before. He took his tongue and began licking the head of my cock.

First time gay sex stories

Tom finish pulling off my jeans, as I took my shirt off. I then spread my legs apart giving him better access to my hard cock. He kneeled on the floor, and started sucking my cock while he played with my ass. I started pushing my ass in the air so he could work his fingers up my tight asshole while he continue to sock my cock. God, he sure was a great cock sucker! He asked me if I wanted him to fuck me. I didn't know what to say, I waned him to make me come, and I waned to experience homosexual sex, but at the same time, I was afraid to have a man put his cock in me. I looked at Tom and ask "how big is your cock Tom?

Do you think I can take it in my ass?.

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He then said "don't worry. I won't hurt you". He got up and removed his pants and undershorts. His massive cock came into view. It certainly was a beautiful piece of meat. It was at least eight inches long, uncut and hard as a rock! Even though I was fascinated by this magnificent cock, I was also scare. I then said "no Tom, I can't let you put that telephone pole inside my ass, you'll kill me! However, Tom was not about to take no for an answer. He grabbed my legs and threw them forward. He then reach into the night table next to his bed, and grabbed a tube of lubricant.

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He showed it to me and said "this is for your asshole". He said. However, first he applied a generous amount on his hard cock.

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I was watching with intense fright, but at the same time I was horny as hell. Even though I had never had my ass invaded before, I was curious to find out what it would feel like to be fucked in the ass. To get me ready, he leaned forward and put his face between my legs and started sucking my asshole and balls.

Did it feel good. He then rammed his tongue in and out my ass while jerking on my cock. By this time his cock was throbbing and I knew he wanted my ass more than anything. Then, he greased my tight, virgin asshole.

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He stuck the tip of his cock-head in my hole. It felt wonderful! Warm and very hard.

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Then, he pushed my legs as far apart as he could and put about an inch inside. This time he forced his entire cock inside my asshole. Tears began flowing down my face, I was in pain with Tom's thick cock all the way up my ass. He didn't stop there, he continue to pounded my ass plugging his cock in and out of my asshole. He continue to fuck my asshole for about fifteen minutes. After a while, I started to relax, and then, I really began to enjoy the fuck.

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I turn to Tom, sex ask him to go all the way out of my asshole and to shove his cock all the way back in again. He smile and said "see, I told you I was not going to hurt you. You have a anal ass Bob, and I would really like to come inside your tight asshole.

What do you say? As soon as I said that, my man started fucking me like if I was the time gay of ass in the world, sweat start dripping off his face and chest. I held my legs first and pushed back as hard as I could. I was jacking myself off while this hunk story and pulverize my ass. When I felt Tom was about to come, I squeeze my ass really tight against his cock, and he exploded and shot his hot cum up my asshole. Within seconds, I started to squirm and scream out as he kept fucking me while I shot my load all over my chest and face.

That was my first time I had sex with another man, but certainly not my last. Down his throat, humping against his face, holding him tightly against my exploding cock, grunting with each spurt of hot fluid, I felt the enormous release, the joy of completing an act I had only dreamed of until tonight. Finally, after a few small surges of cum, I was finally empty and he had sucked it all down, swallowed all my love juices. My name is Ali and I am a 21 years old Arab. I have known that I am gay for years, but I had to wait until six months ago for my first experience.

Late one night Jim knocks on my dorm room door. He says that he wants to be with me I am flattered and more than eager to fulfill his wishes. Normally, I would have been relaxed and spent after a month in the city of Miami, but this time I had spent the entire time with family. That meant no chance of any time on my own. What a drag!

My first time with a man. true story

Well, I'd gotten home to my apartment late on a Thursday night and fell right into bed. The next morning, I woke with a raging hardon and full balls that were begging for release. I was trying to be cool, all the while thinking no way will he let me into his life again. Thing is, - well okay I did dump Danny a year ago, it happens, - sometimes a guy needs to move on, search fields anew, thing is the field I searched did not bear oats - it was a lousy choice I made and the guy was a downer anyway, it really made me appreciate Danny.

I wanted him back. At first that's all it seemed he wanted. He'd call me his ginger boy - for obvious reasons. He was a guy of about seventy and somehow really turned me on, and me? I was only twenty but as Badger would say, a real handful - and I knew what he meant.

I shall never know why but he gave me the time of my life in his small front living room in Chelsea.