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The main suspect in an attempt to set off a car bomb in New York's Times Square has admitted weapons and terrorism charges.

Gimp Interrogation Stories

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Scotland police stopped a dog walker earlier on February 17 as the man was walking a woman in a dog gimp mask, as per the reports. The unusual moment was witnessed by Roofer Iain Mcgeough in Glasgow and he managed to capture the moment on camera. According to the reports, the post was originally shared on Facebook by Mcgeough along with the caption that he just witnessed a guy walking with a woman in dog gimp mask on lead. He further added that the couple was stopped by police and further interrogated. The post has since been shared almost 6, times and garnered lot of views and comments. A police spokesperson in Scotland reportedly said that the officers on duty spoke to the man and woman on Cathcart Road in Glasgow on Monday morning.

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Keyser Soze: Ready? Keaton: What time is it? Keyser Soze: Twelve thirty. I mean, these guys were hard-core hijackers, but there I was. Besides, it was fun. I got to make like I was notorious.

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Hockney: Hand me the keys, you fucking cocksucker. Interrogation Cop: 2, step forward. McManus: Give me the fucking keys, you fucking cocksucking motherfucker, aaarrrghh! Interrogation Cop: Knock it off. Get back. 3, step forward. Fenster: [laughing] Hand me the keys, you cocksucker. Interrogation Cop: In English, please? Fenster: Excuse me?

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Interrogation Cop: In English. Fenster: Hand me the fucking keys, you cocksucker, what the fuck? Interrogation Cop: McManus. He told us another story altogether. Fenster: Oh, was that the one about the hooker with the dysentery? Hockney: Really? I live in Queens.

Did you put that together yourself, Einstein? What, do you got a team of monkeys working around the clock on this? Interrogation Cop: You know what happens if you do another turn in the t?

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Hockney: Fuck your father in the shower and then have a snack? Are you going to charge me dickhead? Interrogation Cop: Yeah? Hockney: You are a criminal! Fenster: Why you got to go and do that? Keaton: Oh yeah? Well, you heard right. Keaton: This whole thing was a shakedown. McManus: What makes you say that? Keaton: How many times you been in a lineup? No way.

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Public defender could get you out off that one. Hockney: Is it Friday already?

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Verbal Kint. McManus: Verbal? Keaton: Yeah. Verbal: Roger really. People say I talk too much. Hockney: Yeah, I was just going to tell you to shut up. Arkosh Kovash: Keyesr Soze. Keyesr Sozeā€¦! Dave Kujan: In a while.

I used to dehydrate as a. One time it got so bad my piss came out like snot. Verbal: Sure, and I appreciate that. And I want to help you, Agent Kujan. I like cops. I know you know something. Verbal: I told the D. Dave Kujan: Verbal, I know you like Keaton. Verbal: I know he was good. Dave Kujan: He was a corrupt cop. Verbal: Sure, fifteen years ago, but he was a good thief. Dave Kujan: Dean Keaton was a piece of shit.

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Verbal: Are you trying to get a rise out of me, Agent Kujan? Dave Kujan: I just want to hear your story. May I have a cigarette? How to spot a murderer. You put them all in jail overnight. You follow me? Verbal: No. Dave Kujan: Let me get right to the point. That was good.

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McManus came to us with the job, Fenster got the vans, Hockney supplied the hardware, I came through with how to do it so no one got killed, but Keaton, Keaton put on the finishing touch. Did you know that? He died in a fire two years ago during the investigation into the murder of a witness who was going to testify against him. Two people saw Dean Keaton walk into a warehouse he owned just before it blew up.

They said he went in to check a leaking gas main.

Scotland police stopped a dog walker earlier on february 17 as the man was walking a woman in a dog gimp mask, as per the reports. post goes viral.

It blew up and took all of Dean Keaton with it. Within three months of the explosion, the two witnesses, they were dead. One killed himself in his car, the other fell down an open elevator shaft. And then he had lunch. Verbal: The D. Dave Kujan: Not from me. You get no interrogation from me, you piece of shit. Every criminal I have put in prison, every cop that owes me a favor, every creep and scumbag that walks the streets for a living will know the name of Verbal Kint.

Verbal: There was a lawyer. I got thrown this job by some lawyer. Keaton: Yeah? Some limey. Redfoot the Fence: Fuck you. McManus: Fuck you. Keaton: Listen to me. We story to meet him, okay? He called me last night, he says he wants to meet you guys.

Keaton: Good. Do that. No problem. Wait a minute. One more thing, tough guy. But do me a favor, all right Get the fuck off my dick. Cops are going to be looking for the guys who did it. You have a gimp night, ladies.

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Redfoot knew nothing. One cannot be betrayed if one has no people.