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Filipine sex look up guy to handcuffs

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Handcuff Sex Stories

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Home » Virgin » Lust And Love. Hi my name is Leena Chookshi and I am from Bombay and this is my sex story. I am a college girl 21 Yrs old. One morning Raj my class mate calls me and says he was sick and could not attend the class if I can give him my notes. He stays close to my house so I agreed and reached his place and spoke to him for a while and gave him my notes. I got up to leave he held my hand and pulled me towards him I was not expecting this and totally lost my balance.

Name: Raye
My age: I am of age
Ethnic: I'm scottish
Eyes: I’ve got clear brown eyes but I use colored contact lenses
My sex: Girl
Color of my hair: Wavy dark-haired hair
I speak: Italian
I like to listen: My favourite music reggae
I like tattoo: I don't have tattoos

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It all started last year, when my friend's sister started hitting on me. We were over at his house watching a hockey game, when I saw her go upstairs.

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I followed her and we started kissing. We were getting pretty hot when I broke it off because I was afraid my wife would come upstairs and find us.

The handcuffs

When she left for college I didn"t think I would ever get to do anything with her, but ,boy, was I ever wrong. Imagine my surprise when she walked through the door on Thanksgiving with her brother. We managed to sneak off for a little kiss and feel, but that was it.

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Her brother was ready to leave, but she wasn't. So I volunteered to take her home.

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On the way home, we started to talk about her college life. Yes, her grades were good and ,yes, she was having fun.

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Her boyfriend was nice, and pretty good in bed. I reach in my pocket and pull out the handcuffs I put in them before we left. She thinks for a minute before replying in a quiet, almost submissive, voice"yes.

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We both get out and I come around to her side of the car. When she does, I grab her wrists and cuff them behind her back. I almost came right then. Then suck my dick. She gags for a second, and as I loosen my grip on her head, she starts sucking like a Hoover, moving her head up and down my cock, letting it slide to the end of her mouth, almost out of it, and then taking it all the way back in, all while I was fucking her mouth.

I couldn't believe it.

‘handcuffed’ stories

Here was the girl I thought I would never get to get, giving me the best blow job I had ever had. It was to much. That was all I needed to hear to make me lose it. I pulled out right as I felt the first burst coming, and shot it right on to her face. I hit her cheek, then shifted and hit her chin, and then hit her other cheek before shove my cock back in her mouth and finishing up. I squited about 4 or 5 more lo of cum into her mouth before I was done.

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Now normally, something that good would have had my dick limp for the next hour or two, but it must of been the situation, or maybe it was just that I finally had her where I wanted her after a year and a half, but my dick was no where ready to go to sleep. So I put it to good use. God she looked hot,with cum dribbling down her face and dripping out of the corner of her mouth.

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She had this disappointed look on her face and asked "Is that it? After a few minutes of serious rubbing, I slipped a finger her pussy and used my palm to rub her clit. Her pussy was so wet it seemed liked it was running down her leg.

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Not being able to wait any longer, I slid my dick all the way in her pussy. When I saw that nobody was coming except herI continued to fuck her. I gave her a couple of extra hard shoves and then shoved my dick as far up her pussy as I could get and held it there while I reached around and rubbed her clit.

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All she could do was pant and moan as I felt her pussy contract and loosen around my dick. She then just collasped against the car, saying she couldn't handle any more, that she was done.

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I can tell she has never been kucked in the ass before, which makes my head both of them swell just a little bit more, knowing that I'm the one to take her anal virginity. I pause for a minute when I get all the way in, so she can adjust to me.

While I'm waiting, I reach around to play with her clit.

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When I feel her relax, I start to slowly fuck her, all the time playing with her clit. We get in a rythem, and before I know it, I'm getting ready to cum again. By this time, my gentle stroking of her clit has become mashing it, but she must like it, because I feel her come right after I do.

Exhausted, we clean ourselves up, and I take her home, planning some way to get my wife to us next time.