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The Joker sat in his glass cell for the tenth day straight. He had slipped up and fell for a trap set by Batman and the Gotham city police. They caught him red handed during a prison raid.

Heath Ledger Fan Fiction

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Welcome to my master list! I write for Ledger Joker - long fics, short stories and one shots. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy!! Meet Nora Hawthorne.

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This was honestly suppose to be a drabble, and it kind of still is… just a really long one.

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Like I say, it was suppose to be a drabble, so a plot is a hard thing to find here and I made it up at 5am this morning whilst watching The Dark Knight haha. That was the news you woke to that morning. You sat on your sofa that morning, pretty numb as it hit you.

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For some reason, all you could think of was the conversation you remember when you still spent most of your time in the MCU, briefly after the psychopathic clown criminal was captured by the elusive bat vigilante. There were also bets taken on the time span of these events. From some reason, in that very moment - as the news anchor informed you of the limited details known of the breakout - all you could think of was the amount of money likely to be exchanging hands today over this change in events. Because that was all it was to you.

A change in events of the world around you.

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He knew what he was dealing with this time, surely? So, it would easier for him — quicker? And what did it really matter to you anyway, hm?

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Maybe you could take some time off work and fan yourself under house arrest just to make sure? Your interaction had been short, no words swapped between the two of you, but it was something that singed into your brain in more than just memory. Something that night had changed in you - thanks to the Joker, you were sure, though unable to intelligibly offer any explanation as to what these changes were or why they happened.

In fiction, you practically feared your own body and your lack of control of it where the man was concerned. Something about him pulled at your chest, your heart panging whenever you heard his name in the past year — be it in connection with the man, or simply referring to the card from a game. He was the man that held your ledgers without even trying, he was the man that ruined your heath - unable to trust yourself to continue in your position within the GCPD after you had begun to feel the poison that was the Joker seeping into your thoughts and decisions — he was the one that managed to worm his way into your head with just a wink in your direction.

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You took your own advice for once after that, taking a few days off whilst you waited for the Jokers to be apprehended again. But after several quiet, uneventful days trapped in your apartment, you were becoming antsy and feeling the strong urge to return to your job just to keep yourself sane. You had forced yourself to re your position of detective after that, especially when you began to notice the effect the Joker seeping through your system slowly like poison, sticking deep and warping you from the inside out.

You had needed a job that meant less scrutiny into your behaviour, where one could bend the rules slightly and get away with it, or never have any need to bend the rules. Tough decisions were a no go for you, you had become too cold and ruthless, too willing to try something unconventional just to see what could happen… So that was how you found yourself in your current position, still a cop, yes, but demoted to only the more rookie duties like traffic duty and patrols which had you largely just wandering the streets.

Heath ledger fan fiction

This kept you far away from the MCU, and, therefore, far from the vivid flashbacks of that night and the clown that came with it. It1 was hardly a dangerous place to be after all, not with the sheer the s of detectives and officers that would be swarming around the building. You wanted to see the Joker. The MCU and your flashbacks was the closest you could get to it — from there, the memory that had faded over the past year, would be refreshed and stronger. There had been no news of the Joker so far.

No capture, but no incidences either. It would be smartest to stay home — who knew when or where the Joker would strike next — but the longer you stared here, the more impatient and pent you were becoming, taken to pacing in your small flat. You needed an outlet for your mind and energy.

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The sane part of you continued to protest leaving the house, though anxious of your condition, but the other part of you whined and pulled to be let off the lead - to be allowed to put yourself at as much risk as possible to get even a glance of the man that had seeded it - even if that meant you would receive a bullet to the skull shortly afterwards. It would be fine after all, you would just walk to the MCU — stretching your legs in the meantime — then chat randomly for a bit with people you barely knew, get a hit of that flashback you desperately needed, before you came straight home.

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Having somehow convinced yourself, you waste no time in grabbing a coat and allowing your legs to carry you the, still familiar, walk to the Major Crimes Unit. Despite this, everyone that recognised you greeted you warmly, several of them hinting that they missed you and you ought to return to work. You brushed these all off with maybes and fake laughs. In particular the Commissioner, Jim Gordon, seemed pleased to see you again. You had always admired Gordon, his work ethic and inability — unlikely you it seemed — to be corrupted by anything.

He was such a strong brick wall of a man you were sure, if you ever saw him crumble, it would surely be the end of the world. He was the last person you would confess your inner thoughts to of course — your worries over the opposing voices in your head, the toxins in your mind.

All coffee break rumours, but at the time it had meant a lot to you.

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Now it just left you with a heaviness in your heart to know that would never be possible now. You could practically see the Joker stood before you, his hair falling over his face where he stood in the aftermath of the explosion, papers and ash falling around him, exactly as you had seen him when you had glanced up from your sprawled position on the floor.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

He lifted his head slowly, his face blank and uncaring for the carnage around him, then his eyes caught yours where you had been pulling yourself to your feet with the aid of a half-shattered desk. In that moment he could have killed you by the knife in his hand or one of the pistols at his feet next to bodies that lay prone.

The night around him cast even darker shadows around his eyes and empathised his cheek bones, his pale face occasionally being illuminated by the broken electric cables that flashed intermittently behind him.

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Even in only a dream-like state, he was enough to stop your breath, your chest aching painfully at the sight of him there, handsomely dishevelled. Your glanced back out into the room again where the Joker had paused, briefly glancing over at you as well, sending you that wink, his face otherwise completely serious. Without a word, he then turned his back on you and walked out of the MCU doors as an officer in real life walked through.

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You knew what happened next, the dull roar of an engine to life, the sound of sirens that then roared off into the distance as the Joker stole a cop car as a getaway vehicle. When a siren did suddenly begin wailing though, you jumped in fright, your heart racing almost uncontrollably.

Heathledger stories

The Commissioner nodded one more time in farewell, then headed off behind you, leaving you alone with your ghosts. You allowed the memory to play out a few more times as you stood there, no one interrupting you really this time, busy with their own work. And you would have it forever, you knew that, even if the Joker died tonight and you never saw him again, that scene would still live on, you knew it. It haunted you. The fact that something, somethingmade that clown get to you the way no one ever had.

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Ask Me Anything! Submit Something? Let me know if you want to be tagged in anything! Escaped from Arkham Asylum. No, you were just… different. In particular, however, you could feel the Major Crime Unit calling you. It had been a year after all. You could surely allow yourself this? That fresh air should see you for a few more days anyway and re-strengthen your more saner side.

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He haunted you, there was no denying it. And you hated it. But you loved it. Tags for Everything: beautifulbows arkhamsurviour white-chocolate-mocha-fan jemjem-chan sheldonsherlocktony thatwriterizzy angelicshinigami nerdybirdyfiz Tags for Joker: sonyandsam ivefeltthiswaybefore.