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I the here who birds standeth

The Alchemy web site on Levity.

Here Standeth The Bird Of Hermes

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I thought about this verse too. Its about birds, who look like they are "eating" their wings, when they are just plucking out over grown feathers. They do this, because or else, their flight ability is damaged. Hermes is the feather tipped messenger god.

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Post by akatoro » Mon Nov 11, am.

What is the bird of hermes?

Post by Lucia » Mon Nov 11, am. Post by akatoro » Mon Nov 11, pm.

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Post by kthulhu » Mon Nov 11, pm. I am hermes, I because tame by eating my wings.

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I found out about alot of the inspirations of hellsing, why alucard turns into stuff. So in other words, one part of the community is waging war on another part of the community because they take their community seriously enough to want to do so. Then they tell the powerless side to get over the loss cause it's just an online community.

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I'm glad people make so much sense. One was where they got the idea to have alucard shapeshift the way he does.

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There are serveral HP lovecraft creatures that look like alucard described on this here but I am about to bust open something much bigger, or at least something that would have looked interesting but turns out uto be something that everyone else know but me. This may take some time so sit back and be amazed Alucard's grave has the words " I am hermes, I became tame by devouring my own wings. I discovered that hermes was a greek god with wings on his feet, he was a mesenger god because of his speed and a he was a trouble maker.

But what does greek mytholigy have to do with anything?

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Hellsing sticks to Egyptian mytholigy, Set being one, and the eye beign worn on the neck of the woman in ep one is also the eye seen in neverwinter nights. This may be egyptian and on the back of an ordinary dollar bill there is the pyramid with the eye on top of it, a masonic symbol. Hermes understood all things. What he knew, he graved on stone.

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Though he graved them onto stone he hid them mostly. The sacred symbols of the cosmic elements [he] hid away hard by the secrets of Osiris, keeping sure silence, that every younger age of cosmic time might seek for them. Thoth Hermes was said to have succeeded in understanding the mysteries of the heavens and to have revealed them by inscribing them in sacred books which he then hid here on Earth, intending that they should be searched for by future generations but found only by the fully worthy.

This, we believe, was the great pillar of Lower Egypt and its counterpart in Upper Egypt at the time of unification was in the city of Nekheb.

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It was said that this god [Thoth] possessed all secret knowledge on 36, scrolls that were hidden under the heavenly vault the sky which could only be found by the worthy, who would use such knowledge for the benefit of mankind. Alucard may be inspired by the the god thoth, aka hermes and the freak chips are the philosipher stone which gives power.

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I just want to say that if I am right, and I uncovered something, well, you saw it here first folks. And it came from me. Contact Lucia.

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Post by Lucia » Mon Nov 11, am wow u sure did ure homework i have wondered about a few thing in hellsing but it really didnt come to mind that way of being very interesting great investigation work! Akatoro often self thought Alucard to resemble Vlad the Impaler in the end of episode 13, but trolls can often appear dense, so Akatoro doesn't know what to do anymore.

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Contact MCWagner. I don't quite get the connection to the Philosopher's stone as it's basically an occult manifest metaphore for the purification of the soul as one gains true knowledge of God but the rest seems pretty sound, especially in light of the sort-of undead myth of Thoth. Have I got the right god? I think Thoth was the one who was entombed in a coffin by his brother Set I'm afraid the Lovecraftian angle may be shooting in the dark, though.

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The you linked to was correct about the popularity of HPL in Japan although he seems to cycle in popularity here Themes, though, are a lot more tenuous, and easily mistaken or extended in an unintended direction. NGE could be seen as having a Lovecraftian theme A lot of anime just seems to want to pay him tribute without actually telling a "Lovecraftian" story.

Armitage III 's main character gets her name from Dr. Henry Armitage, the curator of Miskatonic U's infamous library, and the final battle of the first series takes place at "Dunwitch.

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Especially since it has a happy ending. Similarly, the is probably right in the paralells it draws with the names Calling Alucard a Shoggoth, though, is just a little silly.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

The shoggoths are titanic in dimension, and imbecillic in intelligence. Star Vampires are invisible until they've eaten.

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Post by CaTaClYsM » Mon Nov 11, pm The philsoppher stone, and said in one of the web s, was filled with secrete sacred knowledge, and thoth aka hermes is all knowing. And is is also said that only certain people were allowed to use te philosopher stone, so alucards destruction of the freak chips, may symbolize toth protecting the philosopher stone from people that shouldn't use it.

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Post by kthulhu » Mon Nov 11, pm Interesting. Good research work there, sir. How or why they based alucard off that scroll I will never know, but this is a stark contrast to Eva, which used the dead sea scrolls. Have you or anyone you known discovered stuff like this before? I am just surprised the people at that fansite that compared alucard to the lovecraft creatures didn't figure this out.

BTW, I know that alucard coffin never aprears in the series, but you DO see it in that trailer special thingy, its the same one that has the man in the white room clapping his hand that you never get to see in the series.