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The counsellor can wait up to 2 minutes.

I Lost My Virginity To My Mom

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I have always told myself I wouldn't be those girls. I am 16 years old and I am very happy to say I don't regret having sex with my ex. My mom found out about this because I already hinted that I was interested in sex asking her questions not because i'll tell her but because I was afraid I was pregnant turns out I used birth control wrong and no she doesn't know about this.

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This is a great answer!! Wish I could "favorite" it. Smart, compassionate, far thinking. Tip of the hat!!! My mom open with me about sex. Me too. But for me it would have been a hard conversation to have when I was a teenager. Really, if you think that this is information that you want to share with your mom, and you think that she would be non-judgemental after the first shock then sit down with her at the right time and have that conversation.

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Maybe give it a week or two or three before you spill the beans. Let the whole experience kind of percolate. If you do decide to talk to her, and if you have faith in your mom, I am sure that everything will turn out well. Think about it some more.

Would she really hate you?

Mom, i lost my virginity – whatever you do, don’t judge her

Or just be upset, and get over it. She can be a real help if knows and doesn't go off the rails. If you really think she would take it very badly, then it's best to keep it to yourself. Magical lol. I went down on him before and it felt great. No one can tell you how too handle your relationship with your mother.

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Unless she is some sort of hippie I wouldn't expect anything pleasant to come from that interaction. Went to the park with my boyfriend walked then went to his house.

I lost my virginity to the woman who raped me

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I lost my virginity to my mom

Are you looking to write a book about All the goo that has made its way to your mouth? Lol no but why can't they just be 1 word for it? And I have only had 1 dick in there. Sweet heart your vagina now has like 20 names just by it having cock in there you are better off maintaining that status.

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Fuck a cock to learn the fuxkin process but after that hold steadfast. Sexual Health. Tell her. Vote A. No keep it to yourself. Vote B. Select age and gender to cast your vote:. Your age Girl Guy Please select your age. Share Facebook. Should I tell my mom I lost my virginity tonight? Or just keep it to myself?

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Add Opinion. Much here depends on your relationship with your mother and the kind of person she is.

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However, the inherent advantage of telling her is that she can give you the benefit of her experience and make sure that you know what you are getting into - for good and ill. Moreover, if at some point you get pregnant - not likely, but never rule it out - her knowing beforehand that you are sexually active will make any other surprising news a little bit easier to absorb.

Think of this as a sort of psychological insurance policy. Other factors to consider. Does she know the guy? Does she like him or not? Does she have any moral or religious views on the question of extra-marital sex. Also, honestly, she will be your best source of advice because, assuming that you have a good relationship and allowing for human weaknesses, she will have your best interests at heart. Make it clear to her that your sex life is ultimately your business - though if you are a minor she does get some say - but that you love her, trust her, want her to know and want her advice.

You'll benefit in the long run. MikeAndMolly Xper 6. It depends on what kind of person your mother was, and how you feel about it. Are you stressed?

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Seeking reassurance? A mother can be great for those things, but only if she's patient and accepting.

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Are you excited? Eager to do it again? A mother can be great for sharing things like that, too, but only if she's supportive some amount of sex-positive. I never told my parents that I had sex. My girlfriend has never told hers either. But I hope when my kids someday start having sex, they'll tell me about it. I intend to create a sense of open dialogue about sex, where I'll make them feel comfortable asking questions and asking for advice.

I don't want them getting all their information from forums on the internet, where opinions can really be hit or miss. I agree with you very much so!! Show All Show Less.

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Of course it is up to you. It depends on how close you are to your mom. I never ever told my mom or dad after that fateful evening, though. I thought it was probably none of their business.

I lost my virginity to my mum’s best friend – i was just 16 when she seduced me, i only realised the harm years later

Wish you well. My mom like my best friend. I do wish you well with whatever you decide. She doesn't need to know, but if you must tell her, just say that you want to get on birth control. She'll get the hint. Unless you're already on birth control, then I suggest you keep it to yourself. Starshine85 Xper 6. If you are underage and someone raped you and you feel really unhappy and want to go the police about it then yes. Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. If you feel you need to discuss it with mom then yes but it depends on your relationship with mom.

You'll have to decide if it's worth it or not.

I lost my virginity to my mum’s best friend – i was just 16 when she seduced me, i only realised the harm years later

But I hope you took proper precautions, young lady. You should be left with nothing but fond memories. Not knowing your exact age, it's hard to say.

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It's different for a 14 year old than for a 17 year old. If your mom tends to be understanding, it's probably best to tell her.