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Forget what you might have heard about judging a man's member by the size of his shoes and consider taking note of his index finger if you're looking to hedge your bets. Two British urologists measured the stretched penile length of men and attempted to relate it to their shoe size.

Male Feet And Toes

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Your feet do so much for you, but how much do you really know about them? We've rounded up the most interesting, useful, and just plain weird facts about your tootsies. Did you know that your foot contains 26 bones, 33 ts, more than tendons, muscles, and ligaments, and a whoppingsweat glands?

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Graham Bahnson, DPMa podiatrist at Piedmont, shares five easy ways men can maintain the health and appearance of their feet.

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Change your socks daily. Some men develop hyperhidrosis, a condition where the feet sweat so much they may slip around inside the shoes. This condition can cause foot infections and foot odor.

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The skin can occasionally blister and it is highly contagious. Thoroughly dry your feet.

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Cut toenails straight across. Sterilize your toenail clipper with a little rubbing alcohol and make a few small cuts.

Feet conditions

Simply cut straight across, leaving the nails a little long. Wet nails may tear or bend because they are softer.

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Instead of removing pieces of your own flesh, try treating calluses with a pumice stone or put accommodative padding in your shoe. Nail fungus can be sometimes treated by removing part of the nail debridementor with an over-the-counter anti-fungal medication specifically for nails.

Polydactylism: more to love

And blisters should be left alone. If a blister has torn, cleanse the area with soap and water, leave the skin flap in place, and apply antibiotic ointment and a clean bandage.

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Zip Code. Wash your feet with soap and water. Related Stories. Drawings with Doctors: Episode 5.

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