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Went to Walmart early this morning to buy my new panties.

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Went to Walmart early this morning to buy my new panties. My heart raced, and my little dick was throbbing. I felt the material to make sure I was getting something extra silky. They were attractive, they both were curvy, and they noticed me immediately. They started laughing loudly and then they put me on blast. I was embarrassed but I was too turned on to try and lie.

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for Free! The Panty Princess "Dominant girlfriend discovers her love for submissive boyfriend" 40 Votes Score 4. Famous Story. Published 10 years ago. Jane and I had only been living together for three weeks when I was caught red-handed. I was mortified when I saw her in the mirror, standing behind me with her mouth wide open. She had managed to come through the front door, up the stairs and into the bedroom without making any noise. During that painful hour, I sat there with my bathrobe wrapped around me, still wearing her white lace French knickers and matching bra underneath.

I squirmed at her questions, answering with short sentences, all the time blushing brightly and wondering when we would leave me alone to change out of her underwear.

Walmart tiny dick panty boy humiliation story

There was something about being dressing up as a girl that stimulated my senses, making me feel sexy, horny and yet somehow complete all at the same time. My slim figure with practically no body hair and my fair complexion made it quite easy for me to pass as a young girl, especially when wearing makeup. I had a collection of photos of me on my computer, in which I swear nobody would have been able to tell if I was a boy or a girl.

As I got changed back into my own clothes I thought about the prospect of Jane leaving me. I was terrified.

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Jane was the most beautiful and intelligent girl I had ever met. I had flashbacks of seeing her for the first time, her long dark hair, her beautiful dark brown eyes and pouty lips.

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She had a terrific body too, with ample breasts and a slim waist. I remembered watching her walk away from the table that night we were in the restaurant together, seeing her cute round butt swaying beneath that clingy little black dress, and the slenderness of her tanned legs beneath those sheer stockings. Jane was four years older than me, and much more worldly-wise than me. She was constantly teaching me new things and introducing me to new and interesting people, but she was never a snob.

I hoped she would forgive me for my behaviour and that we could continue our lives together. She looked up at me with an icy stare that sent a shiver down my spine.

Humiliating moments-chapter two: the panty story

I turned to walk toward the door, thinking it would probably be best if I left the house for a while. When Jane got upset she was in control. I sat down in the armchair opposite her, my arms folded in reation, and waited for more questioning. Is it like a compulsion or something? Well sort of. I just like it.

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I like girls. Only three days after the initial incident, I had rushed into the bedroom as soon as Jane left the house, slipped into my favourite pair of her red stretch-nylon panties and bra and whacked myself off in front of the mirror. The fact that Jane knew somehow made it even more permissible in my mind. Instead, I quickly realized that she was shopping for me. The pair of panties she held up was XL, instead of the usual L that she purchased for herself.

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I started breathing heavily with excitement, my cock immediately starting to swell inside my pants. Look Panty that little hearts pattern. Jane casually picked out a few more stories with equally girlish pastel tones, adorned with pretty patterns and bows, some with lace trims, and each more feminine than the next, all in size XL. I wondered if she would loan me one of her dresses, and let me wear her makeup.

I was getting totally carried away in thought. Jane handed the merchandise over to the humiliation, a young girl of about eighteen, with a freckled face and a short blonde bob. She was a bit skinny for my liking, but nevertheless looked quite cute in her skin-tight jeans and clingy white t-shirt. She delicately folded the items and put them to one side before asking Jane if she wanted them gift wrapped. The girl looked at me with a puzzled face, while I flushed bright red.

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I caught her eyes staring at me in disbelief as a pulled away from the scene. I rushed out of the store and toward the car park. I hope you like them. She then reached over to me, put her hand on my crotch and grabbed my stiff cock still throbbing hard from the whole experience.

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That was my first ever experience of Jane sucking me off in a public car park. She ducked down quickly and slurped my member deep into her throat, swirling her tongue around my shaft while she vacuumed the sticky cum right out from deep inside my balls. The whole episode only lasted a few seconds, from her soft lips gripping firmly around the head of my cock, to her pushing downwards until my shaft was completely engulfed. For a second I thought she was going to swallow my balls at the same time!

The thought of her teasing me about wearing that cute girly underwear and now her pleasuring me in a public place was incredible.

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I sat there thinking I was in heaven while she drained me, and licked the tip of my cock until she had swallowed every last drop. I sat across her thighs while she laid face down, at first running my hands slowly up and down her back, and then sliding my throbbing member between her butt cheeks and deep inside her vagina, holding it there as it swelled up story her, feeling her buttocks pressing against my groin.

Panty knew it was something she liked very much, and it seemed like an appropriate reward for her having not only bought me some cute girly lingerie of my own, but also having given me that blowjob earlier that afternoon. Jane groaned as I pulled out gently until the humiliation of my cock almost slipped out of her, and then pushed myself slowly deep inside her once again.

I loved the feel of her oily skin rubbing against mine, and the tightness of her pussy as I teased her as deeply as I could.

Walmart tiny dick panty boy humiliation story

We lay there for several minutes, me lying on top of her with my face buried Panty her neck, gently biting her soft skin and nibbling her ear as I teased her with my stiff member. I loved the smell of her perfume and the humiliation of her cleanly washed hair. She was sublimely feminine, and I wanted her so story. While still inside her, I reached over the side of the bed and grabbed the bag of undies that she had given me earlier that day. I quickly located the pair of pastel blue panties she had first shown me, and softly pulled out of her in order to put them on.

While I slipped into the panties, Jane turned over onto her back, watching me as I struggled to tear off the store label. Just perfect for my little panty princess! She was dripping wet with excitement, her breasts heaving as I entered her. She grabbed my ass through the cotton panty material and pulled me deep inside her, looking straight at me.

Now, tell me what you are.

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We humped like that for a couple of minutes until she came to an orgasm, swiftly followed by me coming inside her. Cross-dressing cross-dressing humiliation femdom panties blowjob straight sex.