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Lesbian seduction that makes your sweet nectar flow willingly and lovingly. Here are quick teasers, "Does this feel nice? My lips trembled, attempting to answer but lost in the moment…"Hush, darling", Sharon soothed, "We don't want your mom to hear, do we? My lips trembled, attempting to answer but lost in the moment, the arousal. Between my legs I could feel my juices slowly gushing from my pussy just as Gabrielle looked down. A gentle smile remained on her face as she continued to caress my hand as if nothing were wrong… Continue reading Moms Seductive Friend Lesbian Seduction "Hush, darling", Sharon soothed, "We don't want your mom to hear, do we?

Name: Marigold
Years: 23
Music: Heavy metal
In my spare time I love: Mountain climbing

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Amy was eighteen when I seduced her. Almost fully developed, she had a wonderful figure and a pretty face. I love seducing young girls and straight women, showing them the many pleasures of lesbian sex.

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Anyway… back to Amy. I met her in the local park flying her kite. We struck up a friendship and after two weeks I invited her to my place for a coke and cookies. She accepted. I put it on and she blushed as I told her I must have made a mistake but I took my time getting up and over to the player. I turned it off and went back to Amy. She said it was okay so I gave her cheek a kiss and blew in her ear as I moved away.

I get aroused when I watch that movie too.

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Look at my breasts. She looked at me and saw my nipples poking through my blouse.

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I unbuttoned my blouse and opened it… letting her see my naked breasts. She stared at them and I brought her hand up to cup one and she shuddered with excitement. Feel them for me. I like it when another girl plays with them. She hesitated but then began squeezing them and rubbing my nipples.

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I reached over and put a hand under her jersey and felt her budding titties. She moaned and I knew I had her.

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The rest was easy. Before long I had her completely naked… licking and sucking her titties… fingering her pussy… making her cum for me… getting her to suck my tits and feel my cunt until I was ready to orgasm too, but I pulled back and lay her back on the sofa and spread her thighs.

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She looked into my eyes as I leaned down and licked up her thighs until I reached her moist pussy. I kissed it and began licking her hot love-slit. She moaned loudly as I stuck my tongue between her outer lips and licked her inner lips until I saw her little clit appear. I licked it and she came immediately… her pussy juices flowing out into my mouth. I lapped up her cum and felt her grow limp. She would always be mine now. Later I taught her how to pleasure me and other women… holding her head as she licked and sucked my cunt to a fabulous climax.

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Then I kissed her tenderly and told her that I would be happy to teach her girlfriends how to enjoy sex with another female too. She smiled at me and left. You must be logged in to post a comment. Search for:. Post « A man discovers that he likes gay sex.

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