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Filipine poker strip guy for about

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Stories About Strip Poker

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Mine began in the spring of my junior year of college, sitting in a hotel in a low-cut little black dance dress, nursing a glass of champagne and slowly but steadily losing money at blackjack. I was supposed to be there with Allan.

Name: Shena
Years old: 29
Iris color: I’ve got warm hazel eyes but I use colored contact lenses
What is my gender: Girl
What is the color of my hair: Ash-blond
What is my Zodiac sign: Libra
Other hobbies: In my spare time I love painting
Stud: I don't have piercings

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‘strip poker’ stories

Contact Canuck University life was very different from that at my school senior high school for all you Americans. My former school had been a rather posh, upper-class type of school, and as I came to the University I entered an entirely new world, and met people I would never have dreamt of even talking to before.

One of my best friends that first year was a guy we can call John. He was one step from being a "hippie", but he actually wore a poncho occasionally. John lived with his mother in a small apartment in an old house that was in the backyard of a larger apartment building. The tenants of these two houses formed some sort of collective, where they shared chores and had dinners together. Many of them were artist-types or musicians.

It was the interest in music that brought us together, and eventually we formed a band, performing poorly, but having a very good time. Another interest we both had, was the love of tying up girls. Since my teens I had had very few, if even any experiences of bondage.

John lived a very active sexual life.

Strip poker with a twist

He changed girlfriends very often, and many were the girls coming and going in his apartment, and to his parties. The guy living below was a piano-player at a bar, and never home before two at night, but the best thing was the neighbour next-door.

He was a professional magician and escape-artist, not very famous, but struggling hard to make a name for himself. He was actually an Englishman, but called himself something Russian.

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Now and again Mr. He practiced up in the big attic of the house. Once we were asked to suspend him up-side-down, him wearing a strait-jacket! Imagine that J.! It was during one of these training-sessions where we assisted Mr. One thing led to another and John and I discovered that we both liked to tie girls up.

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After discussing this for a while we both admitted that we liked being tied up ourselves as well, but preferably by a girl. John told me that he had tied some of his girlfriends up, but none of them had liked it very much. We decided to make a plan so that we would find some girls that would go along with this. At a party at one of the University Fraternities, he had seen these two girls about tied to strips during some game, and they seemed to have liked it.

We decided to invite the girls over one night, and introduce them to some tying. This was in the spring-term of our first year at University. John and I had met the two girls at the poker several times, and at the fraternity-pub at evenings also. They seemed to enjoy our company, and we story careful not to flirt too much.

After meeting Anna and Christine a of times John finally asked them over to his apartment for a Saturday night. As customary in student-circles at that time, the girls were to bring their own drinks. They arrived promptly at seven, looking great. Christine, who wanted to be called Chris, had dark-brown hair, cut rather short in the neck, but with the same length at the sides and in front. She had very dark-blue eyes and an ever-smiling beautiful mouth. Anna had blonde, short hair, and blue eyes. sociální síť pro dospělé

They had sneakers and white sports-socks. They kicked off their shoes in the hall and entered the small living-room. They had brought a bottle of wine each, and John and I stuck to beer. We started socializing, and soon the spirits were high. After some hours John popped the crucial question: "Anyone for a game of poker? We were to play in teams, girls vs. The player holding least points at the end of every round would have to take an item of clothing off.

The loser could escape that, but only by choosing a punishment instead. A punishment decided by the winner. The winner could drop the punishment and instead put on an item of clothing he or she had lost earlier.

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We went into the kitchen, bringing our drinks, and the game started. Both Anna and Chris were terrible cardplayers.

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They giggled and chatted about their hands. The first two rounds went to us, and soon the girls had their socks off. This was going great! The third round was lost by me and I was barefoot too.

‘strip poker’ stories

The fourth and fifth round saw Chris as the loser and she first removed her shirt, but then hesitated. She chose to take a punishment.

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John was the winner of that round and he ordered Chris to kiss Anna on the mouth. Chris did so, and I wished I had been her… The game went on and after several more rounds we were in different stages of being undressed. Chris still was in jeans and T-shirt, but had taken several punishments, such as eating yogurt with mustard, running out in the street and sounding like a chicken and tasting Swedish chewing-tobacco.

Anna was in her panties and T-shirt, John had his shirt off and I had only lost my socks so far. It was about time to put our plan to work. When Chris lost the next round I was the winner. Again she chose punishment instead of losing an item of clothing.

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And you will not be released until you win a round. Chris giggled and said: -How can I play cards with my hands tied? Chris obliged and turned around, placing her hands behind her back.

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I got a fine cotton-rope out and proceeded to tie her hands. I tied three loops around each wrist, then criss-crossed the rope a couple of times in between her hands, and finally cinched the rope and tied it off. She flexed her hands and felt how tight the rope was, and the sat down again. We played another round and Chris lost again.

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This time it was time for her feet. She happily lifted her feet off the floor, and I tied them together using the same kind of rope. The next round had Anna as winner, and she decided to put her jeans back on, sensible girl.

Strip poker stories

Unfortunately for the girls this was the last win for them. Next round went to us, with John as winner, and Anna had her hands tied behind her. This presented a problem, how would they be able to continue, when they both had their hands tied behind them? We decided to declare ourselves as winners of the game, and we told them we could decide the final punishment for them.

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Both Anna and Chris accepted this, and now we could do what we wanted with them. Once sitting on the bed we started tying them up really good.

Stories of tie up games

We tied their arms and legs, and then hog-tied them. Finally we gagged them with bandanas holding pieces of cloth in their mouths. We told them they would have an hour to get free. Both girls squirmed on the bed and made qute little sounds. Their eyes were huge above their gags, and you could see how they enjoyed this. With two good-looking girls hog-tied on the bed, bare feet in the air, we just couldn't resist the temtation, so we tickled their feet and sides for a while, making them grunt and giggle behind their gags.

They did not get free on their own, so we had to release them after an hour. Both girls said this had been a funny game, and they wanted to play it again another time.