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The first season of That '70s Showan American television series, began August 23,and ended on July 26, It aired on Fox.

That 70s Show Kitty Drinking

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Kitty is everyone's idea of the ideal mom character on That '70s Showand it's hard to believe she could be wrong in modern times. She was always there to talk to Eric and the. She was a working mother and a homemaker at the same time. Kitty was a welcome shoulder to cry on and everyone's hype woman when it was needed. At the same time, she also smoked cigarettes, drank a ton of hard liquor to get past her problems, worried incessantly about having the perfect family to everyone on the outside looking in, and was always cooking for everyone whether she had the time or not. There are some parents who won't see anything wrong with most of Kitty's transgressions, but for everyone else, there are some things that just wouldn't fly today.

Name: Alma
What is my age: I am 30
Eye tone: I’ve got huge brown eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Sign of the zodiac: Pisces
What is my figure type: My body type is quite skinny
I prefer to drink: Stout

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Eric is forced to go on a date with his mom.

Kitty that 70s show

He is embarrassed seeing sex and drugs with his mom. But he warms up to it.

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Fez gets a cute new girlfriend. Jackie has to admit that she is jealo Read all Eric is forced to go on a date with his mom. Jackie has to admit that she is jealous and has feelings for Fez. Jackie Burkhart : [has a wide-eyed epiphany, while talking with Donna] Oh my God In. That '70s Show. Comedy Drama Romance.

Kitty and eric's night out

Director David Trainer. Top credits Director David Trainer. Photos Add Image. Top cast Edit.

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Wilmer Valderrama Fez as Fez. Tommy Chong Leo as Leo. Lindsay Sloane Patty as Patty. Paul Connor Timmy as Timmy. David Trainer. Storyline Edit. Kelso and Hyde are amazed to see a steamy car contains a couple making out: Fez and Steven's ex Patty.

37 funniest kitty forman quotes from that 70s show

Neither admits it, but Jackie is jealous too, as Fez used to court her in vain and now pays her no attention, so she takes it out on Michael for not writing her poems like Fez does for Patty. Kitty wants to spend time with her baby boy, so Red, who realizes at that age no boy wants to be seen with his parents, tells her 'we pay his bills, we own him' and forces him, enthusiastically encouraged by eternal liar Hyde, to her at a pizzeria, where crazy kid Timmy cries out aloud 'Eric is on a date with his mama', and a Woodie Allen Movie, torture because most scenes contain sex or drugs.

Add content advisory. Did you know Edit.

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Trivia Leo mentions in his moment of clarity that he "may have been in the Navy". In season 8 episode 6 it will be revealed that Leo once drove a supply truck during the war.

Kitty forman

Goofs In one scene, Hyde and Leo are in the photo developing shop and are playing Life. The board they are using is the new "cleaned up" version of the game board.

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That version of the board did not come out until later. Connections References Annie Hall User reviews 1 Review. Details Edit.

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Release date February 28, United States. United States. Carsey-Werner Company. Technical specs Edit.

Kitty forman pouring drink tapestry

Runtime 22min. Contribute to this Suggest an edit or add missing content. Edit. See the full list. See the list. Recently viewed Please enable browser cookies to use this feature. Learn more.