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I'm seeking what rbgfe wants skirts

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What Is Rbgfe

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Prostitution may be the oldest profession, but the way services are presented and marketed gets a fresh reboot every so often. Through the decades the activities and experiences that clients desire change based on the culture of the sex work industry at the current time. While ten to twenty years ago it may have been just fine and satisfactory to book a quick half hour with a provider, now the male clients in this business want more. But what IS the Girlfriend Experience? Is there one single definition that can be a legitimate representation for both clients and providers? Clarification on what a GFE entails is needed in these muddy waters, especially from the perspective of a legal sex worker entertaining out of a Nevada legal brothel, such as the Love Ranch North.

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Most of my reviews say I would be considered the ultimate GFE experience, I do bbbj but everything else is covered. So now I am wondering what the plus means? Does that indicate everything is uncovered?

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Just curious. Rbgfe is the most orgasmic for me. I read like 8 different definitions and was a little confused. I didn't want to use a term that gave people the wrong impression. Very few K-girls do greek and if so they are almost I've yet to meet an agency girl that does greek.

Other meaning could be prostate massage which I also love. Not only most kgirls don't do greek, but apparently it's a big cultural taboo and you need to exercise utmost caution what mentioning the subject. It's kinda strange because they usually have that servitude attitude and even will rim you. But ask them for the starfish you'd get slammed with a big NOPE. Strange, but respected! I think that's the exception rather than a general rule. So I guess the term is used loosely. It seems to vary depending on whether or not it is an independent or an agency.

Well it's not like there are advertising standards here or any federal agency that would enforce them so don't expect certainty.

Rbgfe full form | what does rbgfe stand for?

That is what I thought personally but because it is interpreted in so many different ways I think I will just stick to specifics when advertising to avoid any assumptions or rbgfe. Thank you. You know it when you experience it. It's definitely not a reference to stupid behavior like BBFS. I believe it is the offering of all the service expected for GFE Is it a reference to a specific act or to the factors I've mentioned?

I've had appointments with ladies that go through the checklist of acronyms. But their mechanical approacheye on the clock, constant notifications and cell ringings make it hard to feel like it's been a GFE session. So maybe there ought to be a GFE - deation. I have never heard it to include Greek what is virtually absent in agency girls and certainly not BBFS with any of them. Even when some or most use or read it a certain way, others may not. Talk to 25 men and 25 women and you will probably find at least 10 different answers from each group.

Gfeyes or no why?

Exactly what that is can be difficult to pinpoint and will differ with each lady. It all depends on what their definition of GFE is and their experiences that form their perspectives. You'll find the same type of discussion and when talking about so-called "VIP" services offered by some ladies. Exactly what does that mean? Exactly what that is can only be up to that individual. Start with what her standard GFE service is and add from there.

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Unless it is clearly defined by the lady, all the rest of us can do is guess. I expect that you were hoping for a more clear cut answer, so I apologize for muddy the waters with my response. Of course, gfe is more than just a bp girl.

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No limited menu for positions, no disinterest in performance or person, no rushing because of sharing a room, no rushing because of a next appointment, no asking for tips, clean and relaxing date-space, clean and inviting date! It just varies from provider to provider. Every once in a while you'll find an independent K-girl Lee was mentioned that will do Greek, and some of the Thai girls will, but not the agencies. It really is a "don't even think of going there" situation. If you are "done" and you've got 12 more minutes left, she'll either try for another pop or give you a massage.

Urban thesaurus

Or cuddle. No rushing you out the door. Rimming is a gray area. It's based on the prerogative of the young rbgfe and going for "plus" won't buy you into that if that's not her thing. Some will allow receiving rimming and even a slight "finger on the button" so to speak, but don't be surprised if any pressure what insertion gets your hand slapped away.

In my opinion, this is an important boundary to be aware of when visiting an agency K-girl. Sometimes there's not much in the way of English communication, so you really need to be in tune to the body language and her comfort level. And don't just assume that because she will rim you, you get to play back door games with her. Sometimes the one that slaps your hand away will rim you so good you'd think she was trying to lick your tonsils from the back end LOL. That's really the only difference I've found.

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If you opt for "regular" GFE, you get all the same typical K-girl treatment I described above, but you finish in the bag or pop elsewhere. It is popular in N. Korea, where the Kim Jung empire has been talking out his ass for years Posted By: bedroomwarrior dive master is spot on. As stated ly, all acronyms are subject to interpretation and definition by the provider. Years ago there was a movement to 'standardize' the meanings so one would know pretty accurately what to expect, but these days I find things vary pretty wildly from one lady to the next and the scale is little used any more.

Bart who? Posted By: bigdogdc As stated ly, all acronyms are subject to interpretation and definition by the provider. Everything seemed to be available except greek, but as everyone says Ive yet to meet a K-Girl that offers what. MSOG were on the table, but I was beat after the first round. I gave a massage and offered her a BFE.

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Re: It varies Guarddog Send mail Reviews See my Posts 6 years ago re. Yeah, no. VA See my Posts 6 years ago re. Agency K-girls don't do Greek. Re: Agency K-girls don't do Greek. Jensen Send mail 58 Reviews See my Posts 6 years ago re. Posted By: MicahCallahan. Acronyms FYI.