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Bodyguard woman hunt gnoll guy especially Wow flirtbook

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Wow Gnoll Bodyguard

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All the updated models in the 7. I'm guessing because Troggs are going to be in 7. If I had to take an educated guess the Gnoll model was made in Actually I think the earliest builds of wow ran on the wc3 engine, that's why a lot of models look like wc3 still.

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Edit: look at this. Wouldn't be surprised if it's on purpose. He's kind of a funny reminder to where it all came from. And since he's not a model you see at every corner, it's not too damaging of the game feel. Especially as ranged dps Vargoth's buff doesn't fade in the presence of weekly world bosses.

I think most other followers just disappear. Don't they disappear when you walk into them? Or do both players have to walk into it at the same time? Yeah I definitely avoid sending him on elite missions.

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Man, I've never seen another player talk to Vargoth. Even when I was standing there two manning some miniboss for literally 3 minutes, whispering the tank next to me to pick up the buff the whole time. He's also best mission maxer between his ridiculous buff and the orbs he gives you when he completes a mission. Am I the only one to not care about my bodyguard? I only keep him around for the resources buff He was kinda annoying because of his big ass flying mount, but that got changed recently. Yeah I mean pretty much everything in the Broken Isles melts away so fast that Blizz had to implement health scaling so people weren't fighting over tags so much.

Meatball's combat bonuses don't matter really.

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Meatball's the best for one simple reason. He's the only bodyguard that shuts up and doesn't have voice lines every five seconds. I'm feeling stabby! Well, yeah. That's my point, innit? We don't see Wendigo's often, but they're getting an update.

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The hills of Mac'aree I do hope there will be som Argusic robot chicken that I will meaninglessly try to guide a short pathway until he rockets off and says "Find me somewhere on Argus" and says nothing more, fucking robot chicken the early days. So that would explain the Trogg and Wendigo update. I think it's a good example to new players of how far Blizzard has come with their WoW models.

Wouldn't surprise me if we revisit old Zones across the "Vanilla" continents, mopping up the green demon Jizz and generally fixing shit. With the new Trogg and Yeti models. New Quilboar and Gnoll models would all but confirm it; because why else would they? If we ever get to Zandalar.

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I'd imagine Gnolls, Quillboar, Yetis and trogg would be there to some extent. Perhaps we'll see our first glimpse of Dark trolls even. The most brutal and agressive troll tribe to exist It also has the great mountain Mugamba where ice trolls live in the snowy peaks.


It is located close to Zuldazar, their capital city. Floating troll city with loa magic. Even compared to the other vanilla models, the gnoll models are very low-poly and have faces that can't be easily identified even as "monsterous beast-like" faces, much like the old Tauren.

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However, artwork for gnolls has been done before. Here are some examples of "realistic" gnolls and hyena people, all from Pathfinder. Perhaps they can de the new gnoll models like this, and make them hunch-backed and more Wow to resemble the Vanilla gnolls. I would also love to see some more variation; such as the Riverpaw Mystics looking something like this while Hogger and the melee-fighting gnolls staying barbaric. To be honest I'd really kind of prefer an HD version of the bodyguard we already have, not a rede that makes them more humanoid.

Yeah, I've had to buy character art for my gnoll character that I roleplay. Doubly so because, surprise-surprise, there's no model for a female gnoll in game. They HAVE shown off a future Matriarch gnoll concept art for a future novel, but as of yet there's nothing solid for future game updates. Even worse, go look at the Wow-wiki for gnoll lore. It fits on a cereal box. A race that nearly drove humanity to extinction and we have less than a fan-fic's worth of lore.

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Makes roleplaying hard. It's criminal gnoll many minor races don't have models for girls. Broken got updated in this patch and there's still no model for female Broken. Some bodyguards they can get away, though. A female Saurok or Arrakoa would probably look almost identical to their male counterparts, though maybe a female Arrakoa would have less gloriously flamboyant plumage.

You could argue that female Gnolls would look quite a lot like male ones as well really, given how SpottedHyenas are in real life. They'd just be bigger and meaner. I still think it's lazy that they don't exist though. I understand the resource allocation, but it's tiring when every race that isn't exclusively one gender by lore and only has models for one gender is male by default.

I always envisioned playable female Arakkoa getting the winged posture from WoD, with males getting the original, hunchbacked posture from TBC. Use a Worgen and Wow it the most janky looking gear you can find.

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Pickaxes, cheap or scavenged looking chain or leather. The armor used on gnoll bodyguards in game can actually be found. I absolutely love your character! And yes, gnoll lore needs some fleshing out I try to keep her as gnollish as I can maintain while still being able to roleplay her in Stormwind where community accepted Wow dictate that gnolls are not people and can be hunted for sport.

My excuse for her being allowed in Stormwind is Thelwater offering papers of freedom in exchange for ing up to quell the legion invasion in westfall basically as cannon fodder. She successfully didn't die and finds herself with nothing else to do but scavenge and trade since Redridge gnolls won't be likely to accept her back into their own ranks. It allows for antagonistic encounters with the guard guilds and anyone who happens to be from Lakeshire, but sufficiently covers my ass to escape from such meetings.

She's been a brawler, a trader, a thief at times, and has tried to imitate members of guard guilds to ingratiate herself with them King honor, City-zen! Best part is making gnoll lore for an unfleshed out race. Things like having to earn a name rather than just being given one or saying hello generally involving an attempt to beat each other. She's a buttload of fun to play and being a scavenger allows her to be basically anywhere in the world.

Resting in pieces - quests

Roleplaying the the Fal'anaar caves of Suramar was an old favorite back before flying became available. I love when they update old models, but I kinda wish they add a rare spawn called "Vision of the Past" or something with the old model, maybe make it kinda translucent so it wouldn't stick out that much.

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Just to pay respect to the old model. I want my fucking Legeacy Servers.

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They removed so much from Vanilla that barely anything good is left. Between that, never actually seeing what boots look like and the complete inability to see chests due to hunched he.

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I'm pretty sick of not having characters that stand straight. Cursed Arakkoa look awesome. I wish Blizzard would have put in a toy that let you transform into one. Look at the blight frog in the pet journal. I'm not a huge battle pet guy but god damn. The eyes are just the face stretched out to two points. Also: Rexxar.